Looking for the perfect student accommodation can be very challenging and it’s not so easy to change your mind when things don’t work out. You’ll be stuck together for some time since you’ll probably sign a lease agreement. Avoid uncomfortable living situations and use these following tips to pick the perfect roommate.

1. Ask your potential roommate very important questions.

It’s very important to ask a lot of questions, even sometimes a few uncomfortable ones to save you from uncomfortable situations. You want a roommate’s lifestyle to compliments your own so consider to following factors and how it will affect your lifestyle:

  • Whether he or she drinks, smoke cigarettes, or uses any other substance
  • The person’s class and work schedule
  • Do they like inviting friends over
  • Do they like listening to loud music
  • The amount of time he or she spends watching television.
  • Whether he or she minds sharing household items
  • The status of their credit rating
  • Any health-related concerns you should know about

You’ll have your own priorities when choosing a roommate. Perhaps you don’t want someone who listens to loud music. Then again, maybe you’re happy to find someone else who won’t mind when you’re in the mood for some music. There’s no such thing as the perfect roommate but you can make sure you find the perfect match. Not sure how to find a suitable roommate, chat with one of our friendly placing consultants.

2. Friends are not always the best candidates. 

It’s most unlikely that the friend you like hanging out with will be the perfect roommate. Your BFF could have very annoying living habits that you’ll only discover once you live under the same roof.

This can ruin a very good friendship. Try using online classified ads and social media groups to find people outside of your immediate social circle. If things don’t work out as planned, at least you won’t lose a good friend.

3. Find the perfect student apartment

Choosing the right apartment can make a huge difference. We offer both single or sharing rooms to accommodate your unique needs. When your budget is tight and you don’t mind sharing your space ensure you choose the accommodation that still allows you to have some breathing space. Make sure you choose the option that will make you and your roommate feel comfortable.  Our sharing rooms are uniquely designed to ensure you and your roommate don’t step on each other’s toes – both literally and figuratively.

Make a list of your preferences and priorities so you can focus on apartments that match your needs. Consider the following accommodation features:

  • How much space you need in the kitchen
  • Do you really need more than one bedroom?
  • Whether you want more privacy or do you prefer having people to chat with and even motivate you.
  • How many bathrooms do you need (Really, this is a no brainer)

If a particular feature, or lack thereof, is a deal-breaker for you, speak up. We have so many different options available and we will get the perfect accommodation for you and your roommate.

4. Find out what your roommate expects from you.

By interviewing each other, asking important questions and laying out the boundaries will ensure you can share personal space without any conflicts. Whilst going through your list of questions are important, it’s also fair to give your potential roommate an opportunity to ask some questions and highlight some important concerns that he or she might have.

When the time comes and you need to answer some questions. Make sure you answer as accurately as you can and remember, always be honest to avoid any friction.

Find out what your roommate expects from you and make sure your roommate knows what is expected from him or her. If you’re not a neat freak, then you know you can’t meet the expectations of a perfectionist. Thank the candidate for his or her time and explain why you won’t be a good fit.

5. Find someone who’s willing to do their part.

Finding the perfect roommate is finding someone who will pitch in with household chores. Otherwise, you’ll be an amazing housekeeper for your roommate (Score for your roommate)

The same goes for paying rent and bills. Make sure that your potential roommate can contribute financially and has a steady source of income either from a part-time job or from family.

It may make you feel uncomfortable and even intrusive, but it’s important to be informed about your potential roommate’s income and to know the source of this income. You don’t want to find out that your potential roommate can’t afford the rent or even can’t afford to buy him or herself dinner, you’ll just feel responsible for him or her.

Do you have a friend or family member who’s looking for a roommate? Make sure to share these amazing tips with them, remember sharing is caring.


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