So you’re getting ready for one of the biggest steps of your life. Moving away from home and starting your new life journey as a student can be very challenging. We decided to share some University essentials to help you feel right at home here at CBD Residency.

Leaving home and starting university is a huge step for both students and parents. We’ve made a checklist to embrace the transition and make it as seamless as possible, so you can start planning the packing list and everyone can get set for an exciting new era.

Start with the basics

Starting university and leaving home with no parental supervision is one of the most exciting stages of your life. Some of us will remember how empowering but also how challenging this was (Mostly difficult for parents) There are a few items students will need to get them started. We have accommodation sorted but let’s have a look at how we can help them with the basics to get them started.

Think about all the spare kitchenware you have laying around. Items such as glasses, bowls, cutlery, plastic food containers, and saucepans. Even if they take what you have, what a great excuse for mom to get some new kitchenware.

Make it feel like home

One of the challenges students face with student accommodation is how to make a small space feel like home without decorations or hanging a picture. ‘A way around this is to perch a few framed prints in various sizes on a desk, sideboard or chest of drawers,’ says interiors stylist Rory Robertson. ‘ Use your budget wisely, there is no need to go and buy unnecessary items, it’s all about working within your budget.  It’s the little things that can make a small space cosy, items like bedding to get a good night’s rest, bedlamp for late-night reading and pillows for a splash of colour.

Small spaces and clever storage

They say the best way to utilise small spaces is the think about clever ways store items.  Students will have to figure out clever ways to make the most out of the small spaces. Clever items include Vacuum packaging bags, ideal to storage winter jackets or even spare bedding. It’s also a good idea to get a foldable laundry basket that can be stored away when not used. Finally, always check fire regulations in halls and other student accommodation – read the handbooks and make sure you’re not buying things that aren’t allowed.

Be Tech-savvy

A few items of technology can make s students life much more comfortable this will also ensure students stay in touch with family and friends (Now this is a great tip, mom. If they have a new cellphones they’ll be forced to message you every day)  Make sure your laptop is in working condition as all assignment and projects are done online. A compact printer is also a great idea to ensure the project is done on time and in the comfort of your own space.


Home is where the heart is

‘Starting university is a developmental milestone for the whole family,’ says Dr Laura Villa. ‘It defines the entrance into adulthood and is charged with expectation. Leaving the family nest, students suddenly need to function as independent adults. Parents have to adapt to the role change – effectively having to let go and take a step back.’

Acknowledge that this a huge step for the whole family and take time to effectively plan the move, visiting the campus with your child beforehand if you can. Taking a few familiar comforts such as cherished photos or a favourite item from home is a good idea.

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