CBD Residency
address235 Visagie Street Pretoria, Gauteng

About Us


about us

CBD Residency was established in order to address the growing need for local student accommodation in Pretoria. It was incorporated as an entity to acquire and refurbish properties for the purpose of residential accommodation in the inner city. As more and more young people flock to the city in the hope of studying at tertiary institutions, the need for accommodation increases. CBD Residency remains one of the leading developers and suppliers of inner-city housing for students and young professionals today.

While the predominant focus has been oriented to the provision of student accommodation, it has since expanded to become a residential establishment, hosting a large number of families. Our buildings have become a community with some students continuing to stay on the premises well after completion of their studies. We believe this is how communities grow. The success of numerous already-established properties has prompted the move to acquire additional properties which will serve the same purpose.

Our Values

Our accommodation options are designed to create a sense of community and stimulate both social and economic needs through co-operation. Our tenants respect others’ property and the need for privacy. Detailed rules are in place to ensure a safe and regulated environment. Tenants agree to abide by these rules. Failure to do so will result in action being taken as stated in the lease agreement. Our buildings are always manned by security guards controlling access to the premises.

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